1. Does a locksmith also install new locks? 
Yes. Beside opening and fixing damaged or broken locks for doors, gates and safes, locksmiths can replace a cylinder and any part of the lock. Actually, in most cases your locksmith will change the cylinder of your lock.
Installing new locks, changing the cylinder or simply rekeying is common when moving into a new previously owned home, so you can sleep easy knowing no one has the keys to your home. It is the same when moving into a new business.
2. What should I do if my key is stuck inside the lock?
Having your key broken inside the lock is not a common situation. In many cases, the key is either broken or twisted. Trying to pull it out using strength might cause serious damages that will lead to bigger expanses, damaging the system from the inside.
It is best to avoid these situations as much as possible by keeping high levels of awareness whenever you use the key. Notice the way the lock opens, how does it react to the key, and if it acts different than before. Many times there is a gradual scenario which involves the lock, the key or both of them suffering some damage which can be noticed beforehand, avoiding the unpleasant situation by changing the cylinder of fixing it as soon as you notice something is starting to change.
The best decision is to contact one of the local locksmith service providers on your local list in Locksmith.reviews, and allow a professional to evaluate the situation, as it might save you a lot of money.
3. What happens if I completely lost my car keys and have no spare?
This issue is common, and has a quick and reliable solution. Professional automotive locksmiths can arrive at the scene, and create a replacement key on the spot, with a fast solution for all cars. 
With the large variety of locks and lock systems, including modern chip-based locks and electronic security mechanisms it is best to know the name of your system so you can describe the system over the phone. 
A professional automotive locksmith can answer the need for opening all cars, regardless of their lock system, as they are constantly updating their knowledge and tool box as a part of the job.
The locksmith can create the new key on the spot, allowing you to continue your day with only the slightest delay.  
4. If my car keys were stolen, do I need to go to the dealer/garage and change the whole lock system?
No. You can call a professional automotive locksmith to do a Re-Key procedure on the spot. In this process specific parts of the lock mechanism is changed, those parts which make every lock call for a different key. Once done, you will have a new set of keys which open the lock to your car, and the old key will not function anymore.
This is a relatively quick process and will usually cost less than replacing the entire lock system, and the first choice of those who are aware of the useful, fast, safe and economical possibility. 
5. What if I'm locked out of my car in the middle of the night?
In any hour of the day, the best decision is calling a local 24/7 locksmith service specializing in automotive solutions. These hard working professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week, 365 days of the year, giving local service for emergency needs.
Make sure the vehicle is visible and easily spotted, and give a clear description of your parking spot. If possible, even send an online location for the GPS system. Be aware of the light situation, especially if parking on the side of the road. Make sure you wait for the locksmith in a lighted area, keeping you safe and easy to locate. 
You can easily find a local high-rated professional emergency locksmith with reviews and ratings to back him up on Locksmith.reviews website. Don't forget to share your review on the site, helping others choose the right locksmith for the job.
6. Do locksmiths open safes and vaults?
Yes. If you lost the combination of your vault or safe, or even lost the key, a professional locksmith can open it for you.
Keep in mind that vaults and safes come in a great variety, and it is helpful to know the model and manufacturer of the safe to update the locksmith beforehand. 
It is sometimes necessary to drill holes into the safe to open it, yet it is fixable, and your safe will return to a fully functional safe state at the end of the procedure.
7. How can I tell if I'm getting a good price from my locksmith?
The fact that it is an open and competitive market helps maintain a certain price-level, and today, with the internet being available everywhere it is very easy to investigate for the best price around. 
When you look for a locksmith in your area and are checking for prices remember that many times finding a low-price locksmith might not be a good deal. When it comes to locks, doors and gates, it is important to make sure you are getting high-quality services, and sometimes prices that are very much lower than the market price should ring our alarm bells.
We recommend contacting no more than 3 different professionals from your area list in Locksmith.reviews, and then make a decision, knowing that you are choosing between highly-qualified experts, and so the price difference should not be too meaningful when it comes to the level of service you are about to receive.
8. What is a locksmith? 
Locksmiths are professionals who are trained in opening locks of various types. Being a locksmith means being in a constant learning process, as new locks, techniques and technologies are constantly being introduced into the market.
A highly skilled locksmith can open a large variety of locks, from automotive, though gates and doors of both residential and commercial structures, all the way to safes and vaults, depending on the person's qualification and knowledge.
Many locksmiths specialize in one or two aspects of the trait, such as automotive locksmiths or safes and vaults opening, and others offer fixing a large range of locks.
A locksmith should be able to locate the problem, recommend the best form of handling it, and doing all of the necessary work on location – from changing the cylinder or the entire system, through making a new key (at times special parts needs to be ordered).
9. When I'm locked out of my car, do I call a locksmith or my garage?
The simplest and usually fastest solution is to call a local automotive locksmith who will quickly arrive at the scene, fixing whatever the situation may be. Automotive locksmiths are able to open locked car doors, fixing a situation where the key is broken in the switch, make a new replacement key on site, and any other service related to opening the vehicle.
10. Can an automotive locksmith help in case my car uses transponder-chip keys?
If you car is started using a chip it might take a bit longer to create the alternative key, longer than in cases of regular keys. Either way, the technology is there and any professional automotive locksmith can do the job.
11. What is Re-Keying?
Sometimes a locksmith will recommend Re-Keying. This is usually recommended in cases of suspicion that your house or car keys are not in authorized person, or whenever moving into a new home in case you are not the first person to live there. In the process of Rekeying, invented in 1863, parts of the lock are being changed in order for a new key to function while the old becomes obsolete. It involves changing the tumbler or wafer configuration, and so there is no need to change the entire lock.
This process can be done for commercial or residential structures, as well as for cars. To make sure the process is done perfectly, it is always best to choose a professional licensed locksmith that will give you a warranty on his work.
12. Can I have one key to open all of the doors in my home?
Yes. Having one key opening all of the doors in your home or business is very comfortable, and it is usually a simple process any locksmith can do. It is done by changing some of the mechanics of each lock so it will allow a specific key to open it (Rekeying). 
You can easily test the potential of a quick and easy change into a one-key system by trying a single key in all of your locks. If the cylinder takes the key in, it can usually be changed to a position so that key will open it. In some cases cylinders might need to be replaced, so it matches the key you choose to use.
If moving into a new home, office or business and are remodelling the space, you might want to consider rekeying the entire structure for safety and comfort.
13. What is a master key?
A master key is a key that can open all of your locks. It is possible to have locks which have different and unique keys (the change lock), and still have one master key that opens all of them as a set – the master.
The master key can be made for locks of similar cylinder. Other lock systems offer a double cylinder, one cylinder for the change-key, and the other for the master.
You can also have a hierarchical lock system, usually suitable for businesses and factories, which allow different master keys to open different doors. A key can be made for each level, and thus open more of the doors in the business, until the level of master that opens all of the doors.
If you wish to install a master key lock in your home or business, discuss it with your locksmith beforehand, and remember to count the number of locks and the authority levels you wish, if making a hierarchical lock system.
14. I duplicated my key in the local hardware store and it doesn't work. Why is that?
Many local hardware stores offer key duplication/copying services to their clients. Most of these places do not hire professional locksmiths for the job, and may allow minimally-trained employees to make your key copy.
A working key calls for a precise cut, and making a good copy of a key is not always so simple. Sometimes the new copy of your key may look the same as the original to the naked eye, but it is not a perfect match, and thus will not operate the lock. Sometimes it will operate it with difficulty. In this case it is important not to insist on using it, as you may damage the cylinder.
For making a perfect copy of your key it is advised to call a locksmith or make sure that the store which offers the service employs a locksmith for that service. All of the locksmiths on Locksmith.reviews can provide you with that service.
15. Is there a way to clean and fix an old or jammed lock?
Yes. If you have stubborn locks, which seems like it might get stuck any time soon, it is important to clean, fix or change it as soon as possible. Calling a locksmith beforehand can save you a lot of money and frustration that might come in case the lock fails and you are left locked in or out of your home or business.
Maintaining a smoothly operating lock calls for a professional. The best approach is to have a locksmith go over all of your house locks and make sure they operate smoothly. 
Important! Do not spray oil into the cylinder of your lock. Oils attract and collect dust and in time will jam the cylinder all together. Instead use specially designed products or call a professional to dismount the cylinder, clean, renew or replace it.

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